Thanks for visiting my site.  I'm an avid photographer and astro imager.  This site was built to share my deep sky photos, but since starting it a few months ago I have found other categories of images to share.  
In the photo to my right is one of my two imaging systems.  As you can see, it consists of a stable equatorial mount, a pier in this case, an OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) with a power focuser, a monochrome camera with cooling, a set of color filters in a power wheel, a guide scope with guide camera, and computer.  The computer is the central control for everything.  
The top photo is of my Celestron 8" SCT on a Celestron AVX mount.  The bottom photo is my 12" SkyWatcher on a Ioptron 70G mount.  Note in that photo I've moved to a micro computer, the little black box at the base of the pier.  I also have several other smaller scopes for wider field imaging.  I can also adapt standard DSLRs and their lenses to the mount for even wider fields.
Most of my imaging occurs around new moon in the mountains just north of Los Angeles, in the Lockwood Valley.  Altitude here is around 5350 feet, and that means it can get cold even in summer!  My home away from home is visible in the background center of the photo.  I can control the scope and computer remotely from there, making the low temps (0 degrees F) in winter tolerable.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a note using the contact tab.
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